Planitas ADAPTiv Platform

Understand, Predict, Act

The Planitas ADAPTiv platform empowers airlines to understand the current state, predict the future, and take the next move.

The Planitas ADAPTiv provides airline commerce professionals with a suite of products for real-time insights and dynamic commerce. At the heart of the platform’s foundations lie an airline-centric data warehouse, library of proprietary algorithms, and unrivaled API-connectivity. To support users’ evolving business needs, Planitas is on hand to develop and customize solutions with ADAPTiv technology.

The ADAPTiv platform integrates with any data source to unlock real-time airline data, including passenger data, from any PSS (including Amadeus, Sabre, and Navitaire).
Planitas also releases value from numerous data sets, specific to the airline industry, such as BSP ticketing, APTCO, OAG files, and more.

ADAPTiv ABISCrystal-clear revenue insights in real-time

Used by multiple airlines, including two Tier One US carriers, ADAPTiv ABIS empowers your Pricing and Revenue Management team to make better decisions.

ABIS is a best-in-class analytics tool for understanding flight revenue performance and improving forecasting accuracy. ABIS uniquely reveals the forward view of net, pro-rated revenue, and bookings for each of the 330 days prior to a flight. With real-time access to operational and passenger data, your Pricing and Revenue professionals can take advantage of opportunity or take remedial action, before it’s too late.

  • Access business intelligence regarding revenue, connections, and customers in an intuitive interface – granular drill down to PNR level
  • Understand what is selling and not selling by sales path and market with out-of-the-box real-time reporting. Includes +80 reports that address revenue-critical needs
  • Instantly view all forward net pro-rated revenue for every class, for every flight on every day of operation
ADAPTiv MAX Dynamic ancillaries made easy

ADAPTiv MAX is proven to increase the yield on every flight with dynamic ancillary pricing. MAX enables revenue specialists to easily input and apply any number of price points across individual ancillary offers (e.g., seats, bags, meals, etc.) or bundles by leveraging characteristics such as O&D, departure date, flight number, and booking class. To optimize ancillary revenues, MAX dynamically adjusts starting prices based on numerous data insights in real-time.

  • In an intuitive user interface, quickly apply prices to any ancillary, even unlocking unique value from every seat on every flight (front row(s), exit row, extra leg room, in-seat power, IFE, etc.)
  • Build priced ancillary bundles (seat + meal + lounge, etc.) with the unique ‘Bundle Builder’ feature
  • A business rules engine at the heart of MAX acts on data insights, including demand and time-to departure, to dynamically adapt ancillary prices in real-time
ADAPTiv PRESCRIBEPricing without the guesswork

ADAPTiv Prescribe takes revenue optimization to the next level with the power of data science. Using machine learning models, Prescribe recommends the optimum price for every ancillary offer (e.g., seats, bags, meals, WIFI, lounge passes, etc.). As such, Prescribe maximizes average revenue-per-customer by boosting uptake and delivering priced offers that customers value most.

  • By combining data from any source (e.g., PSS, CRM/Unify, Loyalty, social media, shopping behavior, and transaction data), builds a deep understanding of customer segments/micro-segments, product/equipment features, and market/competitive environment to predict and recommend the best value proposition for every passenger
  • Outputs price recommendations into offer delivery engine with active feedback loop, model performance analysis, and data consulting ensuring continual model optimization
  • Leverages fully productized data engineering and cloud infrastructure for maximum efficiency.
ADAPTiv UNIFY The single customer view into focus

ADAPTiv Unify is a customer data platform (CDP) that enables airlines to maximize value from customer-centric retailing, from pinpointing high-lifetime-value customers for targeted offers to identifying disrupted passengers for remedial action. Unify integrates data from any source, including transactional, contextual, and behavioral data, to build a single customer view.

  • Extracts, cleans and consolidates data from multiple sources (e.g., GDS, PSS, IBE, contact center applications, social media, third-party services)
  • Unifies data into a single customer profile for querying via a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard or outputs data into any airline offer delivery or marketing engine for tailored offers and personalized communications
  • GDPR and IATA Airline Information Data Model (AIDM) compliant
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